Name: Zigielo "Ziggy" Raul Cruz

Age: 37

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Affiliations: Widow Pirates

Occupations: First Mate of The White Widow, Master Chemist

Aliases: First Mate Cruz, Tiny, Lord Cruz

Bounty: 5,310g

Zigielo 'Ziggy' Cruz is the First Mate aboard The White Widow. He seems to be the only male that Dahlia actually trusts, and is one of a handful of males onboard the ship who aren't used as slaves. Despite his tiny size (2'9), Ziggy is a brilliant tinkerer with a knack for crazy inventions, he specializes in biochemical compounds. 


A running gag is, without even needing to use his infamous laughing gas, none of the protagonists of the story can take Ziggy seriously because of his size. They all burst into uncontrollable laughter at the sight of him.

While being one of very, very few males whom Dahlia actually trusts, Ziggy is not surprisingly but also ironically, in the friendzone. 

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