Name: Ziara "Ziza" Nightfang

Age: 71

Status: Alive

Race: Werewolf (Pureblood)

Family: Xera Nightfang (Sister), Alessia Cloudsmith (Charge, Mistress)

Affiliations: Darkwalker Pack

Occupation: Leader of Darkwalker Pack, Assassin Queen of Darkwalker Pack, Personal Guard and Handmaiden of Alessia (former)

Birthday: May 25

Aliases: Dark Mistress Nightfang, Mistress of The Dark, Ziza The Unseen

Bounty: 2,165g

Ziara has been the personal handmaiden of Alessia since she was 15, and at age 19 became her bodyguard as well. She is also renown throughout the land as being one of the deadliest assasins of all time. She is the current leader of The Darkwalker Pack, personally named to succeed Alessia after her ascension. 

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