Name: Xelia

Age: Over 1800

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Unknown

Race: Werecat (Cougar strain) 

Family: Sun Tribe Royal Family

Affiliations: Sun Tribe

Occupation: Queen of The Sun Tribe

Birthday: August 9

Aliases: Empress Xelia, Light of The Sun

Xelia was the Queen of The Sun Tribe, the wife of the late King Ren, and mother of Tyrannius, Amir, Kitasi, and Vira. She was a secondary antagonist of the Sun Tribe saga. 


Xelia stood at 6'5, and was of the cougar strain of werecats. She was somewhat thick, and had very, very long dark brown hair that reached well below her waist. Her eyes were a vibrant golden color, and her claws were long and sharp. She always wore the finest, regal robes made for royalty, and was never seen in her human form. 


As one of the greatest Queens of her people, Xelia was not without an air of arrogance about her. While she did treat all of her kind with a level of respect and hospitality, she still expected everyone to bow before her and her passings, and to do anything asked of them at any given time. Xelia's hatred of werewolves was even worse than her husband's, seeing them as less than dirt, not even worthy of being crushed by her feet. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

Being Queen, Xelia had complete command and authority over her empire. Although she has never been seen taking part in combat of any kind, when she was younger she was known for being particularly vicious when it came to hunting werewolves. She was at one point, a sparring partner for Asha, so it can be assumed she was at least had a respectable amount of fighting prowess. 

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