Name: Whitefang Tribe

Leader: Naran Dahs

Royal Family: Dahs family

Military Leader: Naran Dahs

Territory: Northern Ulia; Lunar River Pass to Whitefang Peaks (Eastern Northern Mountains)

Capital City: Wolf Song

Population: Over 700,000

Army Size: Over 325,000

Allies: Blackwing Tribe

Enemies: 3 of the 9 Warlords

The Whitefang Tribe is an extremely powerful faction lead by Naran Dahs. Together with their brother clan The Blackwing, they lead a mass scale pincer attack that defeated 4 other of the 9 Warlords, and ultimately lead to the collapse of The Northern Republic. The aftermath resulted in the twin tribes becoming the dominant forces in all the land. They now rule over the eastern half of The Northern Mountains, and have bolstered their forces by the hundred thousands with the defeated warlords that swear loyalty to their leader.

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