White Magic is an ancient, extremely rare and powerful school of magic.

White Magic has existed since the days of The Primordials, and while it's origin purpose is unknown, some believe it was created in order to either trump, or bring peace to the chaotic conflict of the Gods at the time. 

White Magic should not be confused with Lunar Magic, even though they share a number of attributes. 


White Magic is extremely difficult to learn and use. Only a handful of every hundreds of thousands of magi or healers are capable of performing it, and the only known countries within Ulia to even have texts of it are The Westfold, Haven, and The Damned. Even then, they are kept out of hands out of civilians and most military personnel.

White Magic by default is more powerful than most ofthe Elemental schools of magic, however, true masters may still contend against it. 

Its effects are stronger when used on all forms of Undead, or beings who's souls are tainted or imbued with darkness. 

When used in the arts of healing, it is capable of miracles. 

Is one of the rare schools of magic capable of bringing back the dead. 


White Magic has a universal appearance of a strong white light. 

Known UsersEdit

Ganath Deitus

Calliope Cloudsmith (and to a lesser extent, Lilith)

Mileena Carrolan