The Werecats are a race of anthromorphic cat people, and on a DNA level, are the mortal enemies of the Werewolves. 

All of the Werecats encountered in the story thus far have all been members of The Sun Tribe, the largest and most powerful society of the race.


Wolves VS CatsEdit

As a default, Werecats are physically superior to Werewolves. They are stronger, more agile, and more resistant to damage. However, Werewolves have the advantage of having different genetic strains, and while Werecats have this as well, it is more akin to the many species of large cats in the world as opposed to actual ability augmentations. 

In a nutshell. 

An average Werecat, can defeat an average Werewolf, perhaps even easily. 

However, even the most physically powerful Werecat cannot even begin to dream of having the raw physical strength of a Berserker strain Werewolf. 

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