This is a list made of characters who specialize or use a specific weapon when in combat, and if they have a signature weapon that belongs to them.

Aki IshikawaEdit

Weapon of choice: Katana

Signature weapon: Crimson Snow (former)

Alexander VriesEdit

Weapon of choice: Bow

Signature weapon: (former) Black Caliber Bow, The Devourer

Amanda KidEdit

Weapon of choice: Steel Knuckles

Signature weapon: The Face Fractures


Weapon of choice: Scythe

Signature weapon: Dusk

Anon GerseEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual butcher knives

Anthony TarpisEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual chain scythe sickles

Signature weapon: Fury & Vengeance (former)

Archerios CloudsmithEdit

Weapon of choice: Sword

Signature weapon: King's Bane (former)


Weapon of choice: Giant mace

Signature weapon: The Night Hammer

Asha MadraniEdit

Weapon of choice: Double edged spears

Signature weapon: Sorrow Wind

Beatrice AngelaEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual battle axes 

Dahlia CortezEdit

Weapon of choice: Cutlass

Signature weapon: Widow Maker

Damon HollowsEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual tomahawks, butcher cleaver

Daniel JonesEdit

Weapon of choice: Bladed shotgun

Signature weapon: The Monsoon

Dezmondus AlaraiEdit

Weapon of choice: Rapier

Signature weapon: The Alarai Sword

Elijah KrossEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual revolvers

Ganath DeitusEdit

Weapon of choice: Sword

Signature weapon: The Divinity Blade

Grimm DuskfallEdit

Weapon of choice: Double edged scythe

Signature weapon: The Crimson Reaper

Hector CortezEdit

Weapon of choice: Giant scimitar

Signature weapon: The Butcher

James PriceEdit

Weapon of choice: Great axe

Signature weapon: King's Law

Jeremy DeGrandiEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual custom pisols

Signature weapon: Kelly & Obelisk (former)

Jessica DeGrandiEdit

Weapon of choice: Sniper rifle, dual custom pistols (rarely)

Signature weapon: The Black Shot (former), Kelly & Obelisk (rarely)

Kahn MadraniEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual great knives

Katarina SaldarEdit

Weapon of choice: Spiked whip

Signature weapon: The Rose Whip


Weapon of choice: Jungle bo staff


Weapon of choice: Odachi

Lyle OdrahnEdit

Weapon of choice: Great sword

Marcus VriesEdit

Weapon of choice: Crossbow

Mary RoseEdit

Weapon of choice: Razors

Melissa KnightfallEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual swords

Signature weapon: Moon & Star

Misty SnowEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual cutlasses

Moira McKinleyEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual great axes

Moro DahsEdit

Weapon of choice: Halberd

Signature weapon: Overrun


Weapon of choice: Rifle

Mynna AvellEdit

Weapon of choice: Dagger

Signature weapon: Wolf Fang

Nathan JintsEdit

Weapon of choice: Mallet, dual chain scythe sickles

Signature weapon: The Squeaker, Fury & Vengeance


Weapon of choice: Giant iron mace

Pierce VerroEdit

Weapon of choice: Zapper

Signature weapon: The Zeus Zapper

Raith DuskfallEdit

Weapon of choice: Sword

Signature weapon: Dust

Ramo'ni Gu'ranEdit

Weapon of choice: Gauntlets

Rebecca FieldsEdit

Weapon of choice: Dual sickle swords

Signature weapon: Lament & Anguish

Rick TarpisEdit

Weapon of choice: War claws

Ronin BlazeEdit

Weapon of choice: Staff

Signature weapon: Shepherd of Fire


Weapon of choice: Dual kunai fans

Sean CarsonEdit

Weapon of choice: Odachi


Weapon of choice: Staff

Tai IshikawaEdit

Weapon of choice: Katana

Signature weapon: Eien Surrasshu, Crimson Snow (rarely)

Tara Anders Edit

Weapon of choice: Dual swords


Weapon of choice: Katana

Tyrannius ReEdit

Weapon of choice: Double edged spear

Signature weapon: Ruin

Zaya SolariEdit

Weapon of choice: Poison dagger (rarely)

Zhurong RazhariEdit

Weapon of choice: Double edged scythe

Signature weapon: Dragonfire

Ziara NightfangEdit

Weapon of choice: Bow

Signature weapon: Nightsong