Name: Umbra

Age: Over 2000

Status: Alive

Race: Greatwolf

Family: Shadow (Grandson), Great Wolf Pack (Great Grandchildren), Alessia Cloudsmith (Surrogate daughter)

Affiliations: Darkwalker Pack, Lilith, The Pack

Occupation: Advisor to Ziara, Den Mother of Darkwalker Pack

Birthday: October 1

Aliases: Den Mother Umbra, Dark Mistress Umbra

Umbra is an ancient Greatwolf, and the grandmother of Shadow. She raised Alessia, and is one of the dark entities worshipped by The Darkwalker Pack. 

After Alessia's ascension as the new Queen of The Damned, Umbra has semi-resumed her role as the Darkwalker Pack leader, assisting Ziara whom Alessia named as her successor.

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