The Tournament of Shenanigans is an annual tournament hosted by Eamon in his Colosseum of Shenanigans


Eamon personally sends out invitations to his friends and family, while also sending them out en mass at random to the denizens of his kingdom. 

The tournament consists of 4 events, followed by a grand finale. Participants are chosen from a number pool, to each participate in the 4 events in different order, with the winners from each proceeding to the next event. 

Of the hundreds who enter, by the time for the grand finale, only two entrants will remain. The grand finale has always been The Umpossible Super Crazy Scary Challenge Tower of Awesome Spectacular Glorious Glory. 

The winner of the grand finale gets to take his or her family to one of Eamon's most exclusive private resort islands for a week, as well as a handsome sum of gold. 

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