Name: Tobias "Toby" Kross

Age: 74

Status: Deceased

Race: Human

Family: Jamal (Son), Aia (Daughter), Elijah, Hale, Ares (Grandsons), Mordecai, Aaron (Great Grandsons), Karango (Father), Kross Family

Affiliations: Dust Valley, Karango

Occupation: Sheriff of Karango

Birthday: April 7

Aliases: Sheriff Toby

Toby was the sheriff of Karango 53 years before the beginning of the story. The Kross and DeGrandi family had always been close friends of one another. When Toby was forced to retire due to injury, his Deputy, Jessica and Jeremy's great grandfather, succeeded him. 

Although he passed away peacefully due to old age, he died with some regret knowing the same case that caused his injury was left unsolved. As such, his ghost would occasionally be seen before his home, cleaning horseshoes. This spirit appeared before Vries, and dressed as the famous sheriff himself, Vries brought the case to a close, allowing Toby's ghost to pass on. 

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