This is the official timeline of the story of Kings and Beasts, listing all major, relevant events thus far. 

Please take note, that dates and eras in the land of Haven are recorded by using the reign of the current King or ruler. As the story primarily takes place in Haven, this will be the method used on this timeline.


Era of The Gods - Tens of Thousands of Years Before Current TimeEdit

Rise of The Firstborns - 2150 Years Before Current TimeEdit

At least 2150 years before current time - Calliope Cloudsmith is born.

2100 years before current time - Ronin Blaze is born.

2098 years before current time - Calypso Cloudsmith is born.

Pre Official Haven Recorded TimeEdit

Reign of Daerus Edit

103 years before current time - Lilith escapes her imprisonment; becomes pregnant by Christopher Deitus, murders him.

102 years before current time - Lilith gives birth to Archerios and Alessia Cloudsmith.

97 years before current time - Archerios and Alessia are seperated by a raid at age 5. As ordered by Lilith's final words, Archerios is taken into custody of the Great Wolves Shadow and Sombra, Alessia being taken by Umbra. 

53 years before current time - Hector Cortez is born.

43 years before current time - Alexander Vries is born.

37 years before current time - Arriana Skinner is born.

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