The Tarpis Troupe were an internationally famous group of entertainers and founders of the equally famed Carniva Merveille over 2,000 years ago. Hailing from Rodinfall, they traveled across the entire land, bringing joy, wonder and laughter with them wherever they went. 

Returning home to put on the greatest show yet, their fate was mate with a terrible tragedy. Innocent, and unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time, they were all the first ones killed on the night of Princess Calypso's betrayal of her sister Queen Calliope. There was only one survivor of the troupe, and ten years later, when the great and horrible darkness was unleashed upon the land, they were the first ones to return as dark specters of fury and vengeance. 

They would then become The Clowns of Diabolique, and bring about pain and violence with them for thousands of years. 

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