The Seven Fangs is the name of the collective whole of the seven oldest and most powerful Vampyres Covens. These Covens have been around since the time of Malakai, so they are the first Covens ever made. 

Duskwing CovenEdit

One of the most powerful and influential, The Duskwing were one of three who were trying to become the head of all Vampyres Covens. Residing in the Eastern Ocean of The Southern Seas, they are recognized as their own kingdom and even have their own enemies and allies with the neighboring human monarchies. 

Sarah Duskwing is a former Princess of this coven.

Kavaltros CovenEdit

Nobody knows where exactly the Kavaltros hail from, and that is something they vigorously keep unknown. 

Lady Lissalta is the current leader of this coven.

Malhan CovenEdit

Ruled by the Alarai family, the Malhan Coven is the first and oldest of all vampyre covens. Their leader is a personal (albeit somewhat unfriendly) acquaintance of Lady Mileena. Of the three covens vying to become head of all the others, the Malhan emerged victorious. 

They are lead by Lord Dezmondus Alarai, who is the sole remaining founder of the Seven Fangs that is still alive.

Red Ice CovenEdit

Hailing from the glaciers at the very northernmost part of The Northern Mountains, this group of Vampyres are constantly at war with the Viking legion who also call the icy domain their home. 

Vel CovenEdit

Making their home on a large island not too far from the shores of The Westfold, the Vel Coven has frequently been at odds with Mileena, and consider themselves enemies to her country.

The Western noblewoman Helen Vel was formerly of this coven. 

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