The Old Ones are a name given to a "race" of ancient supernatural entities. Most of the mortals of the world know nothing about them, or that they even exist, but they are indeed real.

They are so old that their true names are unknown, they are only known by their "titles".

Known Old OnesEdit

The HunchbackEdit

An ancient being known only as The Hunchback, Mileena and Asha are the only two characters who are aware of his existence, with The Lady of The West even being on friendly terms with him.

He has the appearance of a deformed man, with a large growth on his back from which he gets his title. He dresses in badly torn rags, and always carries a lantern and a large sack around wherever he goes. He is an extremely wise entity, and it has been said he has been charged with watching over the events of Haven.

He has been known to aid those lost in the Gallows Swamp.

The Grave WalkerEdit

Nothing is known about The Grave Walker except that he is the right hand of Ana. He is charged with collecting those who by one way or another have avoided their death far too many times, either willingly or unknowingly. 

If you appear on The Grave Walker's list, there is no place to run, and no place to hide. There is no escape. Your time has come. 

The Hooded ManEdit

The Hooded Man has appeared in the story so far only twice, both times saving the life of a major character. He is tall and wears a large black cloak and hood, with only a lone blue flame visible beneath. 

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