The Moonstone (twin to The Sunstone ) is a large opalescent sphere, that has been broken into many pieces. The Moonstone, even in its fractured form, holds great power, and can amplify a werewolfs natural abilities. The pieces of the Moonstone were hoarded by the The Sun Tribe, for fear that the werewolves would grow too powerful with possession of it. Recently, Syllve brought Archerios Cloudsmith a large piece of the stone, as a show of good faith upon joining The Pack. Eamon was able to break this piece into smaller pieces, which Alexander Vries fashioned into necklaces for each member of the pack. The pieces are stored away when not needed, as exposure to the stone causes a werewolf to immediatly turn, and although they will be stronger and more attuned to their wolf side, can be dangerous and chaotic.

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