The Lords of Madness, also known as The Mad Lords Saga, was a story saga that saw the land of Haven endure an unholy siege by legions of undead from The Gallows, and Alessia's campaign against them. This saga marks the first time in the story that Haven was not the only land in danger, for if the Mad Lords succeeded, all of Ulia would be in grave peril.

It begins with Alessia, the recently crowned Queen of The Damned, sensing several disturbances within The Mad World. These are revealed to be Tears, dimensional rifts torn open between the real world and the dark one. To make matters worse, the power and chaos resonating from these holes in reality begins to awaken the dormant Mad Lords, frighteningly powerful and evil entiries who's only desire was to usher in eternal damnation upon the real world. The source of these tears is none other than Christopher Deitus, seeking vengeance for his demise a century ago. 

The Saga would go on to focus on Haven's defense of their land and what would go on to become the Alsari Wall, erected in the Alsari Fields, as well as the journies into the dark world itself to fight them in their own twisted domains.

The Undead would only attack at night, and the total siege lasted two weeks and a half. 

Haven would go on to rely heavily on the aid of their allies, as their numbers were still extremely low after the Ganath Saga. 

The battle itself would go on to become known as The Siege of The Alsari Walls.

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