Name: The Imp (Real name unknown)

Age: Unknown

Status: Alive

Race: Demon

Family: Trauma (Unknown relation)

Affiliations: Trauma

Occupation: Maze Hunter, Guardian of Trauma's heart

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: The Imp, Little Shit

The diminutive demon known only as The Imp, was a secondary antagonist during The Mad Lord Saga, and is a mischievous, sadistic prankster who roams The Maze in The Mad World. His connection to the immensely powerful Demon King Trauma is still shrouded in mystery, but he was trusted enough to guard the mighty demon's apparent only weakness, his heart, which was held within his lantern. 

After Trauma's return to the demon realm, The Imp's overall status is currently unknown, but it is still alive.


The Imp is a very small demon, the size of a child, but not as tiny as fellow demon Ikol. Despite his lack of height, he is surprisingly fit and tone, and has a dark, grayish skin color with his scales as well. It's long ears are pierced, and it wears only a loincloth and leather straps around its ankles. It is always seen carrying its lantern.


The Imp is very childish, extremely mischievous, and at times surprisingly sadistic. It patrols around its own domain, The Maze, and takes immense joy in watching his pets tear anyone unfortunate enough to become lost within to shreds. Whenever someone survives his attacks, he gets very angry and throws tantrums just like a child would. It appears to have a talent for music, as it constantly happily toots on a small horn it carries around with it.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Despite its small size, The Imp is still quite dangerous on its own, armed with little sharp claws and sharp teeth. He is also shown to be quite proefficient wielding his lantern as a weapon much like a bo staff, or, when angry enough, simply smacking someone around with it.

The most fearsome thing about the tiny demon is the monstrous creatures it affectionately calls "its pets". It is able to summon canine looking monsters from the demon world at will, and these ferocious, violent hounds eagerly kill anything The Imp tells them too. These demonic hounds vary in size, with The Imp itself seen riding around on the back of one the size of a horse. It usually summons ones the size of wolves, but when angered enough, has been seem summoning a gigantic hound large enough to devour a fully grown man in one bite.

A strange indirect ability, whenever The Imp plays its horn, those who hear it often attempt to find the source, but almost always end up getting even more lost.

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