Name: N/A

Age: N/A

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Exploded from bomb within

Race: Hybrid (Werewolf/Werecat)

Family: Kai ("Brother"), Aranos Rodes (Creator), Charlotte (Handler)

Affiliations: Aranos Rodes 

Occupation: Personal Guard and Assassin of Aranos Rodes

Birthday: N/A

Aliases: The Hybrid, The Monster

The creature known only as "The Hybrid", was the second successfully made Werewolf and Werecat hybrid in the world. Even though Kai was the first, this monstrosity suprasses his "brother" in all categories due to having both the DNA of Archerios Cloudsmith AND Kursed. 

Intelligent, cunning, and terrifyingly strong, The Hybrid singehandedly defeated an entire squadron of Haven soldiers, defeated Archerios and Alexander simultaneously, Tara armed with her blue blade, and even Lucifer twice with ease.

It took the combined might of Haven and The West's best fighters, Kai, Moro and Nikolai, and ultimately a massive explosion from a bomb being forced into its body, to finally bring this terrifying monster down.


The Hybrid is over 7 feet tall and several times the size of a grown man. It has pitch black fur and murderous red eyes courtesy of Archerios, but recently was seen shedding this fur to reveal a much finer one like that of a werecat. 

It wears thick, black steel bracers with spikes, and large black trousers. 

It's appearance is that of raw power, justifiably so. 


Despite being ruthless and remorseless, and having no understanding of affection or pity, the Hybrid has a surprising sense of honor. It constantly searches for a worthy opponent, so much that it lets an enemy it was given explicit directions to kill live if it puts up a good fight and may offer another challenge later on. It has done this with Tara Anders, Archerios, and Kai. 

Being quite literally made to be a killing machine, the Hybrid lives to test its power and skills, and shows contempt for those it deems weak, which, given its strength, it shows for almost everyone. 

It strongly prefers to fight an opponent that is at least able to fight back, and showed disgust when ordered to kill someone who couldn't even defend themselves. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

Going by pure physical might, the Hybrid is one of the strongest characters in the entire story. It defeated Archerios, another character in this category, while also fighting off Alexander and defeating him as well. It defeated Lucifer, who's mastered his Elemental powers, twice, and soundly defeated Tara Anders who's the Grand Commander of the Haven Army. 

It's endurance is so high it is nigh unstoppable, with the only thing so far to have shown any lasting effects was collapsing an entire burning building on top of it. Even then, it still emerged from the rubble not long after, enraged. 

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