The Guardian is the name given to ancient powerful beasts born from the pure power of Nature itself. They universally appear has gigantic sized stags, and only one can be alive at any given time. When a Guardian has become of vast age or can no longer dutifully serve its purpose of protecting and nurturing life, it is aided by Nature Elemental to return to nature, where it goes on to become an Eternal Tree. This tree then gives a single seed, from which the next Guardian is born. The process of guiding a Guardian through its passing and ushering the birth of its successor is a sacred task caried out by generations after generations of Nature Elementals. 

Known GuardiansEdit

Guardian of The Drom CanyonsEdit

The previous Guardian oversaw the blossoming of natural life in The Drom Canyons. It was tragically corrupted by both the essence of The Destroyer, and the vicious cycle of life where only the strong survive in the canyons. It became a violent, twisted shade of itself over the years, and was ultimately returned to nature by Gaius.

Current GuardianEdit

Gaius currently has the seed of the next guardian, and is still deciding where would be the best place to plant it.

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