This is a short story passed down from generations to generations. It explains the formation of the world, and all the primordial elements that had a hand in its creation. 

In the beginning, there was Darkness. 

Within that darkness, a Light began to flicker, and illuminated the shadows.

The Light shone with such intensity, it sparked a flame, and a Fire was born.

The Fires raged, uncontrollable and free, but then came the cold, and Ice took domain.

The Ice cooled the flames, and formed stone, from which the Earth would grow. 

The Earth grew and rose without limit, until it pierced the heavens, when the Wind roared.

The Wind blew and the tempest surged across the land, shaping the mountains, as Lightning began to split the sky.

The Lightning struck endlessy, loud and true, and a great downpour began, Water rising over the land.

The Water made the oceans, carved valleys into the ground, and at last after the storm, came the calm, Nature, life, began to blossom.

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