The Eamon and Vivi Adventures! is a spin off mini story that stars Super Duper Omega King Eamon and Princess Vira.

The series focuses on the many adventures in spectacular places that the two children venture to and explore.  

List of EpisodesEdit

Season 1

1. Eamon and Vivi Climb Cold Cold Mountain!

2. Eamon and Vivi Above the Clouds!

3. Eamon and Vivi Journey to the Center of the World!

4. Eamon and Vivi 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

5. Eamon and Vivi IN SPACE!

6. Eamon and Vivi and the Monster of Spooky Castle!

7. Eamon and Vivi and the Hot Hot Desert!

8. Eamon and Vivi and the Temple of Doom-A-Lots!

9. Eamon and Vivi in Monkey Monkey Jungle! 

Season 2Edit

1. Vivi and Eamon and the Evil Toy Factory!

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