Name: Thanatos Aro

Age: 36

Status: Deceased

Race: Human

Family: Tai Ishikawa (Mentor, former)

Affiliations: Hell Rook Law, Lar'khiss (former)

Occupation: Master bladesmen, Chief Warden of Hell Rook

Birthday: December 27

Aliases: The Human Whelp, Chief Warden Thanatos, Lord Aro

Thanatos was the former pupil of Tai, and late Chief Warden of Hell Rook. 

He betrayed his master, defeated him, and then stole his birth blade. 20 years afterwards, he was tracked down, and was slain by his former master. Tai carried his body out of the infamous prison, and returned to Haven with it. There, he buried his pupil complete with an honorable ceremony. 

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