Name: Syllve (Last name unknown)

Age: Over 1000

Race: Werecat (Snow Tiger strain)

Affiliations: The Pack, Raith, Sun Tribe (Former)

Occupation: Master Shaman, High Shaman of Sun Tribe (Former)

Birthday: Unknown

High Shaman and former advisor to King Ren of the Sun Tribe , Syllve is a wise and powerful woman. Over 1000 years old, she has a great amount of knowledge and experience. She warned against bringing war to the werewolves of Haven, seeing darkness in the future, yet Ren went ahead with the invasion. Syllve was eventually betrayed by Jericho, and was raped by Tyrannius before being exiled from her homeland and people. She joined The Pack as an exile, despite Archerios misgivings about her race. Syllve now brings her knowledge and power to The Pack, helping them with spiritual as well as physical problems.


As a human, Syllve stands 5'9 with long white hair and extremely fair skin. In her cat form, she appears as a beautiful white tiger. 

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