Name: Stephanie Arlen

Age: 22 (Debut at 20)

Status: Alive

Race: Human (Elemental)

Family: Darren and Samantha Arlen (Parents)

Affiliations: None

Occupation: Elemental of Light, Apothecary (former)

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Steph

Stephanie is a young girl who worked and studied in her parents apothecarium. Her life was drastically changed the day the hostless powers of the element of Light chose her. The elemental ascension, which was witnessed by Amy, completely destroyed the shop leaving nothing but singed ashes. Stephanie disappeared in a flash of golden light immediately afterward, and had not been seen since. 

At some point in the recent past, Stephanie was captured by Aranos Rodes and had her heart removed in the same manner as Taylor. She was rescued and restored by Syllve, and in turn aided Syllve in acquiring Taylor's heart and helping her escape.  

Appearance Edit

Stephanie is 5'7 and has long brown hair, with deep amber eyes.

When working at her parent's shop, she wore a heavily stained white smock, with a simple green tunic beneath and light brown pants.

In her most recent appearance, Stephanie's hair was much longer and badly kept, and she had the appearance of someone who had not been in contact with civilization for an extended period of time.

Personality Edit

Stephanie was a warm and cheerful young woman, always wanting to learn more about her craft. She is very intelligent and at times could even be somewhat bubbly.

Her demeanor changed drastically since her elemental ascension, with her now being incredibly cautious and on edge.

She struggles to fully come to terms with what she is, and is greatly afraid of her powers. This fear, and her lack of control over them, lead to her choosing to live in self exile.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Apothecary Edit

Having early schooling in alchemy and herbology since she was a child, Stephanie was quickly becoming brilliant in those fields as she grew. She completed apprenticeship under her father at the age of 14, and by 16, was running the shop for most day to day tasks.

Elemental Edit

Stephanie is currently the Elemental of Light, being chosen by the power after the death of Azina. She has very little control over her powers, and fears them to such an extent that she lives in self imposed exile as to not harm anyone. Being one of the most powerful and destructive of the Elements, even with her lack of knowledge and control, she is already capable of ruination and exceedingly high force. With nothing more than a simple push, Stephanie has sent her targets several dozen yards away in the blink of an eye, dealing high physical damage to their bodies in the process. She knows enough of her power to be able to move at extreme speeds by turning herself and up to one additional person into light and traveling vast distances in an instant.

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