There are a handful of different statuses that one can be within the story of Kings and Beasts. Here they are highlighted and briefly explained.


To be currently alive and not in the realm of death in any shape or form.


To have passed away and no longer living nor undead. 


Someone or something who either alive or (un)dead, has succumbed to the darkness of The Mad World.

Spiritual Edit

A character who has passed away and their soul passed through The Veil, but their spirit has been granted sentience beyond death and can be communed with or even active when needed. The Elemental Firstborns fall under this category. 


To be neither living nor dead. Souls of the dead that have not passed through The Veil, either by choice, or unwillingly, will almost all go on to become some form of Undead.


A being or entity that trascends all forms of mortality. They can never truly die, and are the true immortals.

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