Name: Sean Carson

Age: 41

Status: Alive

Race: Vampyre (Lesser), Formerly Human

Family: Unknown

Affiliations: The Westfold, Five Generals

Occupation: Lieutenant General of Westfold Army

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Suave

Most commonly called Carson, he was one of the Five Generals of The Westfold Army and a loyal friend and follower of Brock Valtali. He was a main character of the Tides of Blood saga, and was captured and turned into a lesser Vampyre. He escaped the following morning, and despite his increasing infatuation with the vampyre Alia costing him his rank, he fought loyally until Kira was vanquished. As of recent events, he has not returned to the military, and has a intimiate relationship with Alia. He is still held in extremely high regards by the people of the West as well as the military.

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