Name: Sareesa

Age: Over 100

Status: Alive

Race: Lar'khiss

Family: Leviathus, Tai (Brothers)

Affiliations: Lar'khiss

Occupation: Princess of Lar'khiss

Birthday: May 30

Aliases: The Bladed Princess

Sareesa is the younger sister of Leviathus, and the older sister of Tai. She, now along with Kyn, are the only two of their people who still hold Tai in good standing. 


Sareesa is taller than her younger brother but much smaller than the elder. Her scales are a lavender color, and her eyes are an exotic bright green. Her spines are normally a dark purple color, but turn the same green color as her eyes when she attacks with her venom. She has an abnormally long tail.


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