Name: Russel Harris McKinley III

Age: 48

Status: Alive

Race: Werewolf (Berserker strain)

Family: McKinley Family

Affiliations: McKinley Pack, Vries

Occupation: Leader of the McKinley Pack, Ruler of The Flowing Meadows

Birthday: September 20

Aliases: Harry

Bounty: 2500g

Russel McKinley the Third, is the son of Russel McKinley Jr, and grandson of Russel McKinley Sr, and the older brother of Moira.

He is the current head of the Pack McKinley Pack in The Fjord, and ruler of The Flowing Meadows. 

The only thing Russel loves more than a good old fashioned fight is drinking.

"Drink, fight, drink some more!"


Russel is an enormous man, standing almost 7 feet tall and is twice the size of normal men. He has vibrant orange hair, which becomes a more orange brown fur when he transforms. He has bright green eyes, and usually wears a large open dark cloak, with leather bracers and a belt composed of a dark colored chain. 


Despite being loud, brash and boastful, Russel is a very easygoing and cheerful man. He has an intense love for both drinking, and fighting, and is never happier than when he is doing both at the same time.

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