Name: Ronin Blaze

Age: 134

Status: Spiritual (Deceased)

Race: Ascended Elemental (formerly Human)

Family: Verro Bloodline, Taylor and Pierce Verro (descendants)

Affiliations: Firstborns

Occupation: Firstborn of Fire

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Ronin Blaze, The Red Blaze

Bounty: Over 2,000 of a unknown currency

Ronin was the Firstborn of Fire, meaning he was the first ever humanoid incarnation of the Element of Fire. As such, he is considered the greatest Fire Elemental of all time. Although he officially goes by Ronin Blaze, it is possible Ronin was actually a Verro, considering the Fire Elemental line goes by blood. This has never been confirmed or denied. 

Ronin was alive and in his prime in what is called The Era of The Firstborns, which took place roughly over 2000 years ago. 

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