Name: Rebecca Bernadine Fields

Age: 34 (Debut at 30)

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Affiliations: Kingdom of Haven, Haven Army

Occupation: Grand Marshall of Haven Army

Birthday: July 7

Aliases: Marshall Fields, The Phantom, The Angel of Vengeance, 

Rebeca Fields is a Grand Marshall within the Haven Army. Quiet, sadistic, and extremely vengeful, she joined the army at an early age for one reason and one reason alone. To avenge her slain family.

After the fall of the Republic, Rebecca has fallen into a depression of sorts. With her quest for revenge now somewhat completed, she isn't sure what to do with herself.


Rebecca has short, layered and wavy, very dark brown hair, with a slightly longer strand going down the ride side of her face to her chest. She has very very light blue eyes, almost a misty white in their appearance. She has an incredibly fierce and piercing gaze, and she is known throughout the land for her eyes being described as "having no soul behind them."

Her skin is fair, and she has a slim, yet curvy, form. 

Rebecca has an enormous burn scar that reaches across all of her back, over her shoulder, up her neck, and up to her right cheek.

She stands at 5'10.

She mainly wears more female specificed armor, with steel plates and black garments beneath. 


Rebecca is an incredibly cold and jaded person. She is the sole survivor of the Fields family; at the tender age of eight, her family was massacred during a raid by an army from the North. This has left a tremendous impact on her personality. She believes she can't afford to become close to anyone, and as such, she is immensely distanced from all of those around her. Most times, she chooses to not even have her own men with her, preferring to constantly be alone. 

She is known throughout the land as being hollow and emotionless. This isn't fully true, as she is an extremely vengeful and grudgeful woman. Her quest for vengeance has all but consumed her entirely, and while she is loyal, she will not let anyone or anything get in the way of her revenge. 

She thrives on the battlefield, slaying her enemies with an almost childlike glee. She is sadistic, and utterly butchers her foes in battle, wanting to inflict as much pain as possible to her victims before delivering a swift death blow. However, this bloodthirsty side of her is only shown at the appropriate times (such as battle), and unlike fellow GM Hollows (someone she shares somewhat of a bond with), is calm and collected, and to the letter on every day duties. She may actually have romantical feelings for Hollows, as she was shown trying to desperately find a way to free him from Ganath.

Rebecca believes everyone from the Northern Republic to be a monster, and wants nothing more than to bring the entire kingdom down in glorious flames.

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