Race: Reapers

Classification: Hypernatural Entities

Affliations: Ana, None

Reapers are spectral beings who are the definition of True Neutral. They are a driving force in the world, and help maintain the natural balance of the universe. They reap souls and escort them into whatever awaits them in the beyond.

Reapers were created by Ana to aid her in maintaining harmony and balance in the natural order of the universe. They are loyal to her, and only to her. 


It has been hinted that Reapers can take the appearance of every race to exist, to make the passage easier on the deceased. Only Reapers taking Human form have been seen so far.


A Reaper has no affiliations to any faction, kingdom, or otherwise, but they are ultimately loyal to their creator, Ana. A Reaper will not and does not discriminate nor hesitate upon reaping someone, regardless of who they are, not even an innocent child. They understand that no matter who they were, the natural balance of the universe has made it their time to pass. While they are most definately emotionless almost all of the time, they are not heartless, as Raith was shown being very sympathetic and gentle to a little girl who died at sea. A reaper will never stray from its task. They will never attack or befriend anyone unless given specific instruction from their creator.

Abilities & PowersEdit

A reaper has full control over Life and Death, although nowhere near to the extent of their creator. A reaper can kill with a single touch, and can collect the spirit of those who's time has come. 

Being a driving force of nature, reapers cannot be killed.

Reapers are known to hold immense power, and could even be quite destructive, but; A reaper will never act out of spite, malice, sympathy, or any outside factor. They carry out their tasks and are never sidetracked for anything or anyone.

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