The Re family has been the royal family of The Sun Tribe for thousands of years. 

Known MembersEdit

Ren ReEdit

Longest reigning king, father of the current generation of Sun Tribe royalty. Was ultimately betrayed by Jericho, and killed to fulfill an ancient dark prophecy to resurrect the Vampyres.

Xelia ReEdit

Wife of Ren and former queen, mother of all his children. Due to mysterious circumstances, she passed the throne down to her eldest daughter.

Tyrannius ReEdit

Eldest child of Ren and Xelia. Vicious warrior and unforgiving tyrant to his enemies. Made a dark pact with Jericho to succeed his father and become king, eventually arriving on Haven, but he too was ultimately betrayed in yet another plot of the dark priest and slain, allowing Jericho to ascend to godhood.

Amir ReEdit

Second child of Ren and Xelia. Proud warrior and lead expedition to Haven to hunt powerful werewolves known as The Pack. Was slain by Archerios when he attempted to kill Mynna, provoking the war between Haven and The Sun Tribe.

Kitasi ReEdit

Third child and first daughter of Ren and Xelia. Current Queen of the Sun Tribe, took the throne because of yet to be explained circumstances. Joined her brother Amir on expedition to Haven.

Vira ReEdit

Youngest child of Ren and Xelia and surrogate daughter of Asha. Was taken by Asha as a toddler in order to protect her from the malice and madness that her eldest brother succumbed to. Has lived with Asha in Eamon Wurld ever since, where she is the princess and Eamon's best friend. 

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