Ranok Miles, generally only known as simply "Ranok" was a small time thief. Caught stealing gold from Eamon, Sombra gave him a bag of gold as a gesture of good will, but Ranok attacked Sombra hoping to sell her pelt for more. Sombra bit Ranok, turning him into a near feral werewolf. Welcome by neither the werewolves or humans, Ranok became a recluse, living in caves and abandoned mines and feeding on whatever he could catch.

Eventually, Ranok grew full of hatred for the werewolves, and plotted to pit the humans of Haven against them again, using Archerios Cloudsmiths' own daughter Alysha as his tool.

Ranok was connected to the Pack through his shared blood from Sombra, and was able to sense Alysha's mental deterioration due to her uncontrolled powers, and was able to manipulate her easily into doing his bidding.

Ranok was eventually torn to shreds and eaten by Sombra's pack.


Ranok stood 5'8 as a man (5'4 in his werewolf form on all fours). He could not switch forms between human and wolf, had longer sharper features than most werewolves, and was more comfortable on all fours. His fur was a deep charcoal grey, and slightly straggly.

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