Name: Raldahza

Age: At least 10,000 years old

Status: Alive

Race: Dragon

Family: Radalok (Father)

Affiliations: Radalok The Destroyer

Occupation: Queen of the Dragons, Herald of The Destroyer

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Her Highness, The Empress of Flame

Raldahza is the daughter of the God of Fire, Radalok. Fanatical in her devotion to him, she is the most powerful dragon in the world excluding the great dragon God. By birth, she is mortal and eternal enemy to the 4 Hydras. 


Raldahza is one of the largest and most ancient dragons in the entire world. Even most elder dragons are smaller than her, with a normal Human barely even being above her feet. Her scales are a very deep and dark red, which light up in all the colors of fire when she attacks. Her wings are larger than the whole of lesser dragons, and her eyes constantly burn bright with her power.

She has been seen taking on human form. She is incredibly tall, with wild looking wavy black hair. She wasn't wearing any clothing, and had draconic spikes and scales on her arms and legs. 


Ruthless and fanatical in her loyalty to her father, Raldahza fully believes Dragons to be the one and only true rulers of the world, and does not hesitate to purge any and all other living things with fire. This also extends to any dragon she deems weak, or those who are against the return of the God of Fire.

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