A Pirate, or Pirates, are a group of people who undertake piracy on the seas. 

There are hundreds of pirate factions in the world, with countless crews and affiliations. 

Pirates are the main source of trouble and lawbreaking in the Southern Jungles and its islands, and are constantly battling Haven's Navy as well the South's. However, this pales in comparison to the Southern and Eastern Seas, which is considered prime pirate waters.  

Known Pirate FactionsEdit

A Pirate Faction is larger than a mere Pirate Crew. They are made up of numerous crews allied with one another.  

So far, there are only five known pirate factions, and all are considered amongst the strongest crews of them all. 

The Cortez ClanEdit

At one point, The Cortez Clan was the most notorious and powerful pirate alliance in the entire world, ruling over all the south seas. They are composed of what are considered the two strongest pirate crews of all time, The Cortez and The Montenegro. In recent years, their numbers have diminished drastically, but their power remains, as they still have some of the most dangerous pirates alive under their banner. 

Suns of The EastEdit

One of the most dangerous pirate alliances from the eastern world. Their leader is the legendary Dong Zheng.

Dusk Blades Edit

The other of the 2 dominant pirate factions in the eastern world, they are in a never ending conflict with the Suns of The East. They are lead by the mysterious Zhy.

Los DiablosEdit

Los Diablos pirates was the only faction that was able to go toe to toe with the Cortez, and are their sworn enemies. They are extremely dangerous, and are known as the most violent pirates in the world. They are are lead by Eduardo De Tres.


Although not technically pirates, The Vikings of the Northern seas have become so numerous and so problematic to the Northern Republic that they are considered a pirate legion as most of their activity is on the seas and coastal areas.

The Black BirdsEdit

With the Cortez Clan having fallen into legend and myth over the years, The Black Bird pirate alliance had surged to power, and were the most powerful pirate faction in the world. After their defeat at the return of the Cortez, they have been completely wiped out. 

Known CrewsEdit

Calavera PiratesEdit

Captain: Fang Cortez

Ship: The Serrated Moon

Affiliation: Cortez Clan

Highest Bounty: 10,000g

Region: Southern Seas

Widow PiratesEdit

Captain: Dahlia Cortez

Ship: The White Widow

Affiliation: Cortez Clan

Highest Bounty: 8,160g

Region: Southern Seas

Madastra PiratesEdit

Captain: Ezmeralda Cortez

Ship: La Reina del Mar

Affiliation: Cortez Clan

Highest Bounty: 9,100g

Region: Southern Seas

Sangre PiratesEdit

Ship: La Reina Del Oeste

Affiliation: Cortez Clan

Jade PiratesEdit

Captain: Tsao Sha

Ship: The Jade Dragon

Affiliation: Suns of The East

Highest Bounty: 7,580g

Region: Eastern Seas

Sun Dragon PiratesEdit

Captain: Dong Zheng

Ship: King Dragon

Affiliations: Suns of The East

Highest Bounty: 9,550

Region: Eastern Seas 

Duskbringers Edit

Captain: Zhy

Ship: Dawn's Bane

Affiliations: Dusk Blades

Highest Bounty: 9,115g

Region: Eastern Seas

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