The world of Kings and Beasts is home to countless pirate crews and factions. This is a list of all the current known ships that sail under a pirate flag.

Cortez ClanEdit

The Serrated MoonEdit

Captain: Hector "Fang" Cortez

Crew: Calavera Pirates

Status: Active

The White WidowEdit

Captain: Dahlia Cortez

Crew: Widow Pirates 

Status: Active

La Baronesa Edit

Captain: Ezmeralda Cortez

Crew: Montenegro Familia 

Status: Retired

The Black BirdsEdit

The Black CondorEdit

Captain: Jacob Velon

Crew: Black Flight Pirates

Status: Destroyed

The Black SwanEdit

Captain: Jasmine Velon

Crew: Black Wing Pirates 

Status: Destroyed

The Black FalconEdit

Captain: Edward Roshe III

Crew: Black Nest Pirates

Status: Destroyed

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