This article is a list and explanation of the many gadgets and gizmos designed and invented by Pierce Verro. This also includes those that were also codesigned by Amy Seline, though for the devices she created herself see Amy's Inventions!

Many of the following are infamously known to backfire and explode spectacularly. 

Gadgets & TrinketsEdit

The Goggle SpecsEdit

Pierce's signature eyewear, these hightech goggles allow one to see through every range of light from normal to ultraviolet. They can process information extremely quickly, and give a HUD of said information being processed. This information includes a peson's name, age, blood type, and even likes and dislikes. His goggle specs are neon green. He lovingly created a pair just for Amy, which are colored neon blue. He created a altered version, specifically for medical personal, and gave it to Erykas. These are colored red. These can track and find bacteria, viruses, and diseases within the human body.

The LightbulbEdit

Pierce has revolutionized the way Haven illuminates its homes and streets. Though they are yet to be mass produced, Pierce has finalized his prototype, and Michael himself has already donated an astounding amount of energy to the main generator, capable of running a million lightbulbs for half a year. Cablework is currently under construction beneath the city, and the project is expected to be finished in a couple months.

The JetpackEdit

Pierce's own personal flame propelled backpack jet allows him to fly. Controlled flight is only possible for five minutes, then it becomes extremely erratic and spastic, more often than not sending Pierce flying into the sky, turning into a little star, or crashing down into the ground and exploding spectacularly. 

The Get Rich Quick or Die Trying Scheme Box ThingEdit

A curious invention, this box can intake any oridinary object, even junk, and convert it into gold, and precious gems. Only one was ever made, and it was eaten by Vries' pet Mr. Gills.

Weapons & ExplosivesEdit

The Zeus ZapperEdit

Pierce's first creation ever, it is his most beloved invention and has undergone countless upgrades and redesigns. It is a gun that can fire raw energy in the form of electricity with a voltage of up to 500,000,000. Has been known to backfire and explode spectacularly. 

The Solar Flare 5000Edit

Designed by both Pierce and Amy, The Solar Flare 5000 is a Omniclear bomb invented by Pierce that is capable of burning the entire world 13 times over (At least 13 times!). It is the single most destructive bomb to ever be created. 

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