Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Beheaded by Tara Anders

Race: Human


Affiliations: CLASSIFIED

Occupation: CLASSIFIED


Aliases: Number Five

Bounty: N/A

Known only as Codename: #5, was a member of an elite mercenary group and is their tracker as well as a master of hiding in plain sight.


Five is a tall slender man with long black hair which is usually seen wet. 


He is a somewhat distanced and calculating individual. He is deeply committed to his goals, to him the end always justifies the mean. He was also a bit of a sadist, taking joy in stalking and tormenting his targets, as well seemed to have a taste for blood.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Five is a master tracker and hunter, and is extremely skilled in a type of magic that allows him to blend in with his surroundings. He is also a highly experienced marksman.



Of all his teammates, Five is the least attatched of the crew. He does not consider any of them his friends, and also has a highly antagonistic relationship with Number One, who both view each other as a bitter rival. He is ready and willing to kill any of the crew if ordered to do so, or even if he believes they are a hinderence to the mission.

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