Name: The People's Republic of The North (Northern Republic)

Leader: Prime Minister Gregor Arlenkosov

Royal Family: Arlenkosov Family

Military Leader: Lord General Roman Arrego

Territory: North and Central Sieravok

Capital City: Ruzgrad

Population: Over 10,000,000

Army Size: 90,000 (Previously 400,000)

Allies: (former) True Haven

Enemies:  9 Warlords, 4 Kingdom Alliance

The Northern Republic is the primary Kingdom in the Northern Mountains, north of Haven. It is ruled by Prime Minister Gregor Arlenkosov, son of the late Prime Minister Igor Arlenkosov, who was the younger brother of the most famous leader, the late Viktor Arlenkosov.

Geographically and population wise, it is the largest of all the civilizations in the continent. 

Although the most prominent faction from the North, the mountainous land is so vast that they are but one of numerous other forces in the snowy North.

The reign of the republic came to an end when Moro and Naran Dahs successfully lead massive scale pincer attack against it. 

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