The Nine Warlords is the name of the collective whole of all the leaders of the nine powerful tribes and clans that have and rule territory in The Northern Mountains. With the exception of the Dahs siblings, all 9 warlords were enemies of one another, and were all enemeis to the Republic.

After the mass scale pincer attack lead by Moro and Naran, four of the nine were defeated and swore loyalty to them, leaving only 3 warlords still independently active. 

Of the nine, only three have had their names revealed.

Moro DahsEdit

Leader of the Blackwing Tribe, and older brother of Naran. Along with his sister, is one of the two Archwarlords of The Northern Mountains.

Naran DahsEdit

Leader of the Whitefang Tribe, and younger sister of Moro. Along with her brother, is one of the two Archwarlords of The Northern Mountains.


It is not known what faction he leads, but he is one of remaining 3 indepedent warlords.

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