Name: Nicole Trish Kid

Age: 30 (Debut at 27)

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Family: Amanda, Leslie, Ashley (Sisters), Billy (Brother), Chuck (Father)

Affiliations: Haven Medical Assembly

Occupation: Doctor

Birthday: July 1

Aliases: Doctor Trish

Nicole is the younger sister of Amanda and the 2nd eldest of her siblings. She is one of the best doctors in the land of Haven, and has had to literally put her sister's face back together numerous times after brutal boxing matches. 


Nicole is almost as tall as her sister, being 1-2 inches shorter. She has long dark blonde hair which is usually kept in a neat bun. She has bright blue eyes and a small scar along her right cheek. 

While not as top heavy as her older sister, Nicole is nonetheless generally curvier and meatier due to not having such a physically demanding lifestyle as Amanda.


Nicole may seem cold and distanced, but she has a large heart and is always doing her best to help those closer to her and those who are in her care. 

Her good looks gain her as much attention and annoyance has her older sister, but unlike the brutish Amanda, Nicole usually responds and rejects with calmness and flattery.