Mynna Avell

Name: Mynna Avell-Cloudsmith

Age: 32 (Debut at 24)

Status: Alive

Race: Werewolf (Adrenal strain; Type A)

Family: Archerios (Husband), Alysha (Daughter), Lilith, Alessia (In laws)

Affiliations: The Pack

Occupation: Assassin

Birthday: March 7

Bounty: 800g

Mynna Avell, now Mynna Cloudsmith, is a main character and the wife of The Pack leader Archerios Cloudsmith, and the mother of Alysha Cloudsmith. Mynna ran away from home at a very young age, and grew up on the streets, where she learned to survive by stealing. She became an assassin and spy for hire in her early teens due to her incredible aptitude for acrobatics and dagger weilding. She also had a short-lived role in a travelling circus, as an acrobat. In her early twenties, she came across a wanted poster for Archerios Cloudsmith, and was immediatly drawn to him. Tracking  him down to the abandoned mines where the Pack had made their home, she spied on Archerios obsessively, wanting nothing more than to have this man for herself. Eventually joined the Pack, and, to her utter delight, ended up marrying Cloudsmith.


Mynna is 5'4, and extremely lean and athletic. She has shoulder length light auburn hair and bright green eyes. Always carries a beautifully crafted dagger Archerios made for her.

Mynna is only slightly taller in her werewolf form, and very lithe for increased flexibility. 


Mynna is a fun loving, fiercely loyal, and at times, bloodthirsty, young woman. Street smart and deadly, Mynna was never one to hesitate to take what she needed or wanted whenever she needed or wanted it. Growing up without much material wealth, she has a strong disdain for nobles and the rich, and those who were handed everything in life without knowing at all what hardship means. 

She has matured over the years, and has even been able to form amicable or respectful relationships with those whom she once had openly hostile demeanor towards. She can be incredibly fun loving with those she cares about or considers friends, and isn't beyond getting herself into mischief from time to time, though not as much as she used to ever since becoming a mother. 


Mynna's favorite food is strawberry shortcake.

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