Name: Moira Selda McKinley

Age: 41

Status: Alive

Race: Werewolf (Berserker strain)

Family: McKinley Family

Affiliations: McKinley Pack

Occupation: Brew Mistress, Axe Queen of McKinley Pack

Birthday: October 3

Aliases: Moira The Axe

Bounty: 1290g

Moira is the younger sister of Russel McKinley III, a brew mistress, as well as The Axe Queen of The McKinley Pack. Aggressive, impatient and headstrong, she is the most powerful fighter from her pack excluding her older brother.


She has bright orange hair and vibrant green eyes, with her hair almost always ending in thick braids. Moira is a incredibly large and brutish looking woman. At 6'7 she is taller than most men, and is easily larger than most as well. She is powerfully built, with arms larger than most men as well, and her arms are also covered in scars. She has a scar down and across her nose, as well as a handful on the upper part of her chest. She is usually seen wearing leather harneses and bracers or thick furs. 


Moira is even more hotheaded then her brother Russel, which is saying something. She is also untrusting of outsiders, and despite her demeanor, is more cautious and careful than her brother as well. Quick to anger and even quicker to get drunk, she is the pinnacle of McKinley women.

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