Name: Misty Snow

Age: 42 

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Affiliations: True Haven, Kingdom of Haven - Haven Fleet (former)

Occupation: Admiral of True Haven forces, Fleet Admiral of Haven Navy  (former)

Birthday: October 14

Misty Snow was the Fleet Admiral of the Haven Navy.

She and Tara Anders have had a bitter antagonistic relationship with one another since they were teenagers, to the point where both have often contemplated, and even attempted murdering one another. 

During the Battle for Haven, Snow sided with Ganath for the sole purpose of getting the liberty to slay her long hated rival. This ended with the Fleet Admiral meeting her demise at the hands of Mileena after gravely wounding Tara. 

Most recent events have shown that Misty survived being thrown off the wall by Mileena. She has currently returned to the Navy, much to their joy and they even threw a celebration for her. They are unaware of what happened that day, and she is feigning having lost her memory of the last 4 years.


Misty had a surprisingly similar appearance to her nemesis. She was tall with bright blue eyes, and vibrant blonde hair. She was known for having some of the best legs in the Navy. 

She had a small scar across the right side of her lips, got from narrowly dodging a bullet from a pirate. 


Misty personified the rivalry between Haven's Army and Navy. She openly mocked and insulted members of the Army while on shore leave or stationed in Haven. She had very little respect, if none at all, towards her Army counterparts, going so far as rejecting an order given to her by Price when he was a Grand Commander; claiming he had no authority over her. 

Despite easily being seen as arrogant and vain, this trait of her was usually begrudgingly accepted by others. Being Fleet Admiral of the Navy, and also the first female ever reach such a high rank, Misty's personality was justified because she could back up every word she said. She was one of the highest ranked officials in all of Haven, and she commanded respect.

It's interesting to note however, that within the Navy, she was a very professional and admired individual. She was fearless, bold, and her attitude was often an inspiration to her fellow soldiers.

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