Status: Alive

Race: Werecat (Tiger strain)


Affiliations: CLASSIFIED

Occupation: CLASSIFIED


Aliases: Mister Zero

Bounty: N/A

Known only as Mister Zero, he is the unofficial handler for the elite group of mercenaries that currently work for Dark Amy through him. Virtually all of her operations happen through him, with all of those who work for her believing they actually work for him in order to keep her anonymous and hidden. An older gentlemen who prides himself on punctuality and class, he has been revealed to actually be a Werecat apparently of the tiger strain and is quite powerful in both physical strength as well as cryomancy.


Zero appears as a somewhat elderly and imposing man with tan skin and a handful of wrinkles to his frame and face. He is always seen dressed very sharply and neatly, in expensive suits with custom cufflinks. 

Despite his apparent age, it has been revealed he is in incredibly muscular shape, and his entire torso is covered with tattoos of tigers. The stripes of his true form are white.

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