The Meteor Blade, also known as The Element's Bane, is a very special weapon made from an extremely rare material. This material, as its name would suggest, is so rare, that it isn't even from the world. It comes from a meteor that fell somewhere in the continent millennias ago. The blade itself was lost for hundreds of years, until Lady Mileena found it buried in an ancient tomb. 

The sword is one of a kind, and there are no records that show where it came from or who crafted it. 

True to its epithet, this sword, has the extraordinary ability, to instantly kill any Elemental. This blade completely ignores and bypasses any and all Elemental defenses, and even the slightest scratch is enough to critically injure an Elemental, if not outright kill a weaker one. Someone as powerful, say Price, would need to be run through with it to be slain.

However, a curious attribute, the blade itself, is completely harmless to a normal person. In fact, it is incapable of even cutting a normal person's flesh, somehow dulling itself before coming into contact. 

Despite the fearsome power of the blade, even this mystical weapon is not powerful enough to slay Lilith. It was used on her once before, and it seemed to only "banish" her from the mortal plane for a time. Despite not being able to kill her, The Meteor Blade still holds the honor of being the only thing in the entire story that Lilith actually fears. 

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