Name: McKinley Pack

Founder: Russel McKinley I

Leader: Russel McKinley III

Royal Family: McKinley Family

Military Leader: Moira McKinley

Territory: The Flowing Meadows (Western Fjord)

Capital City: Axesong 

Population: 4,000+

Army Size: 2,000+

Allies: The Pack, Haven, Darkwalker Pack (Loosely), Blackwing Tribe

Enemies: Swifthill Kingdom, Rolas Kingdom, Cortez Clan

The McKinley Pack is a Werewolf pack hailing from the mysterious Fjord. Hearty and rowdy, these tough folk have a strong love for brewing and fighting. They have proven themselves to be steadfast allies of The Pack and Haven, but while not violent, have an intense rivalry with the Cortez Clan.

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