Name: Mary "Rosie" Rose

Age: 2028 (28 at time of death)

Status: Deceased

Race: Undead (Wraith), Human (former)

Family: Tarpis Troupe

Affiliations: Tarpis Troupe, Clowns of Diabolique

Occupation: Clown

Birthday: August 9

Aliases: Rosie, Razor, Bloody Mary

Bounty: 365g

Item of Living: Mask

Mary Rose, was better known as the playful clown Rosie, who would then become the blood thirsty spirit Razor. With the lifting of the Curse of Diabolique, her current status is unknown, but it is known that her and her friends are at long last at peace. 

True to her namesake, she carried multiple razors, which she uses in her acts and as weapons. Razor was, despite her generally disturbing nature, a voice of reason in the carnival.


Razor stands 5'5, has short choppy light blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is very lithe and flexible, like most of the performers of the carnival.

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