Name: Mark


Status: Alive

Race: Human


Affiliations: CLASSIFIED

Occupation: CLASSIFIED


Aliases: Number Four, Four

Bounty: N/A

Known only as Codename: #4, he is the demolitions expert and medic of a secret mercenary group. 


4 is a massive man, being almost twice as large as the average person and stands over 6 feet tall. His skin is a dark color, and he is bald, with pale white eyes. 


Despite his intimidating appearance, and occupation, Number Four is a gentle, soft spoken man. He has never been heard raising his voice, and cares a great deal about his fellow teammates. He is also deeply spiritual, and can be considered a religious man who has a high faith in his Goddess, Ciela The Temptest. Before every assignment, he blesses his team with her grace and guidance. He has a profound appreciation for herbology. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

He is a demolitions expert, with intricate knowledge of all explosive related information. He is also a skilled doctor, serving as the team's medic when needed, and is a master of using plants for both medicinal and destructive purposes. A self proclaimed preacher of the Wind Goddess Ciela, he has her favor, and is capable of minor feats of aeromancy. 

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