Name: Maria Elisa Josefina Cortez

Age: 32 (At time of death)

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Several gunshot wounds; Blood loss

Race: Human

Affiliations: Cortez Clan

Occupation: Assassin, First Mate, Captain

Birthday: November 16

Aliases: Marie, Bloody Mary, Princessa Maria

Bounty: 55,000g

Maria was the eldest child of Barbossa and Carla Cortez, and the older sister of Damian, David, Ricardo, and Dahlia Cortez.

Maria was the most important person in Dahlia's life, and was the one person whom she loved the most. Her death was the catalyst for Dahlia's path to become what she is now, and left a wound that has never healed.


Like all Montenegro women, Maria was an incredibly beautiful woman. She stood at an intimidating 6'6, and while sharing the family traits of women having a buxom chest and robust rear, Maria was very slender and lithe, making her curves seem rather disproportionate to her body. 

Maria had the same green eyes as all women of her family, as well as the beauty spot beneath the left side of her lip. Her skin was darker than Dahlia's. Her hair was black, and straight, but was only known to be in a long ponytail. 

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